This is MyPak

At MyPak, we blend innovation with sustainability to create egg packaging solutions that are not only reliable for farmers but also eco-friendly. Join us in our mission to deliver top-tier packaging solutions that are kind to your eggs and kinder to our planet.

Egg Packaging

Our egg packaging stands out with its unique combination of robustness and environmental friendliness. Made from 100% recycled materials, our containers are not only sturdy, protecting your eggs from farm to shelf, but also fully biodegradable. They are designed to reduce carbon footprint without compromising on quality. With MyPak, you’re not just choosing superior protection for your eggs; you’re making a choice for a greener earth

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Professional Design

Our designs are meticulously crafted to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Robust Protection

Our packaging is engineered to absorb shocks and prevent breakage, ensuring that your eggs arrive in perfect condition, every time

Consumer Attractiveness

We believe that the first impression matters. Our packaging is designed to catch the eye of the consumer with its elegant and clean look, enhancing the perceived quality of your eggs

Egg Marketing

We understand that great packaging is just the start. That’s why we offer comprehensive marketing services to help your eggs stand out in the market. Our team provides personalized branding options, targeted advertising strategies, and market analysis to ensure your eggs reach the right audience effectively. We've helped numerous clients increase their market visibility and sales through our tailored marketing solutions.

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Innovative design

Our innovative solutions provide enhanced protection and a visually appealing presentation, ensuring your eggs stand out.

Impact in-store

Our packaging solutions are crafted to enhance in-store visibility, drawing customers' eyes and increasing the appeal of your eggs.


Tailor your egg packaging to fit your brand perfectly. Stand out in a competitive market with packaging that's as unique as your eggs.

Our Guarantee

Productivity for packers

Reduced downtime for packaging machines and graders.

Quality commitment through the supply chain

Every piece is delivered to your door in good quality.

Naturally responsible

Moulded fibre, a 100% renewable resource.

Smooth and Efficient Egg Packing
Excellent shapes with good handling properties mean efficient stacking, high machine reusability, and low storage requirement.

Sustainable Practices

Crafting a Sustainable Future

Eco-Friendly Materials

Commitment to Biodegradable Resources

Energy Efficiency

Embracing Energy-Efficient Manufacturing

Our Global Eco Mission

Fostering Community

1000+ egg farms use MyPak for their packaging.

Join us and protect your eggs best.